29 December 2011

amazing find! vintage cape

I was looking through some boxes in the spare room and I found this! It is the most beautifully patterned cream vintage cape. 

I'm going to wear it with a tight plain black dress underneath and black tights, so the entire focus is on the cape. Obviously this could NOT be worn with something else patterned, that would be tragic!


I experimented with belting the cape at the waist and it actually looks really good, can't tell you how excited this makes me haha. 

wolf t shirt, bleached denim and vintage maxi skirt

this beautiful black maxi skirt is crushed black velvet. my mum bought it in 1988 and i loveee it. 
my dad bought me the wolf t shirt from a stoner shop in minehead and it was £10
the denim jacket is vintage and i bleached it myself

28 December 2011

orange hair dye, will it work?

I have never used a dye this orange before and I am really nervous because I colour stripped my hair on Friday and I'm not sure how it's going to settle onto my hair. I will post a picture tomorrow! 

vintage aztec coat - urban outfitters would be jealous

So this is my ultimate bargain of 2011.
This is so so thick and is made of leather, suede and wool....and cost me 50p!
I found it at a car boot and nearly cried when I bought it, I wear it with Levi shorts and skinny jeans and any shoes - usually my beaten up black boots I stole from the costume department at my old school.

vintage suitcase

I haven't got a wardrobe, so my room is full of suitcases stuffed with clothes. There is no order to it but obviously the things at the top are the items I wear the most...it's a start I guess!

leopards and jumpers

£45 New Look
New leopard print coat! I got it for Christmas. I think it looks best with a plain outfit underneath; like a chiffon shirt and skinny jeans. Can't wait to wear it out and about! (it's so cosy.) Sadly I won't be able to wear it in the rain! Just the right side of trashy...I hope. 

£12 New Look sale
So let's ignore that i'm in my PJs here...this is the most comfortable jumper ever. It will be perfect for college in the winter and spring with black skinny jeans rolled up and chelsea boots. It looks so 70s with my parka and BRIGHT white trainers. 

16 December 2011

i sold these DMs last week for £30 and i miss them already! 

i could never spend this much but this dress honestly could make me cry! it's so beautiful. it's inspired me to get a cheap velvet dress from a charity shop or ebay and line the collar and sleeves with some thick cream lace.

i would wear with black tights and black chelsea boots or velvet wedges

my inspirations

so many people inspire me.
sometimes i wake up and think "i want to look like an american tourist" or "i feel kind of russian today"
i would describe myself as a homeless OAP librarian gypsy with hip hop roots and a love for gold. it makes sense to me...kind of.

i buy my clothes from vintage shops, car boots, jumble sales, new look, topshop, ebay…if i like it i will buy it no matter where its from. ebay is a new discovery to me and i've already bought as much as i've sold! i shall dedicate a post to my ebay buys this week sometime.

collection of outfits

a selection of outfits i wear, the majority from charity shops

the first of many


i have been meaning to make a blog for so so long! the other day i realised my life was little more than college, college work, sleep. the best part of the day is selecting the outfit for sure, this blog will be mostly fashion based with a bit of personal stuff, music and the like. im hoping to post pictures of new outfits and anything exciting ive been up to. watch this space

lottie x