16 July 2012

sketchbook photographs

I thought I'd share a couple of photos I took of my sister Grace for my A Level Textiles sketchbook. She is classically beautiful, and only 13! Enjoy 

11 July 2012

my bedroom

I love looking at photos of people's bedrooms. I would love to know what people assume about me when they see photographs of my room, I feel are reflections of people

Some Picasso inspired photographs..of me!

In textiles we had to recreate and reinterpret a painting by Picasso. I chose this one called Boy With a Pipe which was completed in 1905. I'm not a huge Picasso fan, but I think this painting is BEAUTIFUL. For me, the painting represents 'good vs bad.'

I think the flowers are meant to be big angel wings, and the head wreath the halo. The young boy is innocent and angelic but he holds a pipe - his twisted expression suggests that he's maybe not as innocent as you'd think. Anyway, here are a few photographs taken by my lovely friend Philip