10 March 2012

Self obsessed clothing confusion

Recently I've had a real style crisis, I am cringing even writing this. It sounds so indulgent but it's true. Do you remember all the short phases in your early teens? Skater chic? Sporty girl? Emo?! Ugh. Well I feel like at 17 I am way too old to still be going through the whole experimental style stage, but I still don't think I've found a style that truly reflects me, or that I feel completely comfortable in.

For example one day I would go to College in a batwing black top, black tights jeans and a velvet tight black blazer and a crucifix necklace. The next day however I could easily be in bright white trainers, leather look leggings and a bright blue Nike zip up and...gold hoops. Stranger still I could go to college in a vintage Laura Ashley tea dress and frilly socks. I covet brothel creepers at the same time as lusting after a bright blue fur lined puffa jacket.

So, my issue is that everyday I seem to dress like a different character. I want to find a consistent style! However I think my clothing is an extension of my rather overwhelming and chaotic mind, I have a trillion things going on and different personalities I want to represent if you know what I mean. Teenage life is so confusing.