4 April 2012

DIY Mermaid hair

My friend Harriet and I spent yesterday 'mermaiding' our hair. I might get round to making my own tutorial video, but in the mean time here is a good video that is pretty good at explaining the 4-strand plait/braid.

When we were in London Harriet and I went to Pepi's, a hairdressers in Camden (it's incredible there) and got our hair dreadlocked and braided with synthetic hair. We loved it so much that the next day we decided to buy colourful synthetic hair and found a small shop in Brixton that sold hundreds of colours for only £1 each! We bought a couple and decided to have a go at it ourselves. So yesterday we had a go at 4-strand braiding with the synthetic hair, how cute is it?

Sassy Harriet

Only a pound each!


The finished product...

3 April 2012

Shed raid

I was having a look in the shed (no particular reason it's just how I roll) and I found this lovely old suitcase!
I've moved house a lot and I have no idea how these lasted so long without me knowing they were there...

 It's full of old photographs and stuff but I shall put it in my room, my third suitcase. It's handy as my clothes have nowhere else to go and are spread across my floor..

I also found this HUGE old scrapbook from 1937

It's devoted to the Royal Family (more specifically the Coronation) it's so interesting, and in such good condition.

I recommend you all go into the shed, garage, attic or spare room and have a good look around as you may find something interesting...you don't know what you may find!