3 April 2012

Shed raid

I was having a look in the shed (no particular reason it's just how I roll) and I found this lovely old suitcase!
I've moved house a lot and I have no idea how these lasted so long without me knowing they were there...

 It's full of old photographs and stuff but I shall put it in my room, my third suitcase. It's handy as my clothes have nowhere else to go and are spread across my floor..

I also found this HUGE old scrapbook from 1937

It's devoted to the Royal Family (more specifically the Coronation) it's so interesting, and in such good condition.

I recommend you all go into the shed, garage, attic or spare room and have a good look around as you may find something interesting...you don't know what you may find! 


  1. Well done on your find! I'd love to see the vintage photos and other stuff in there O_O! xxx

  2. Oh, that suitcase is gorgeous!
    Unfortunately, my mum and I are both avid thrifters, so we have been through our attic more times than we can remember! I know every single thing that's in there.