16 July 2012

sketchbook photographs

I thought I'd share a couple of photos I took of my sister Grace for my A Level Textiles sketchbook. She is classically beautiful, and only 13! Enjoy 

11 July 2012

my bedroom

I love looking at photos of people's bedrooms. I would love to know what people assume about me when they see photographs of my room, I feel are reflections of people

Some Picasso inspired photographs..of me!

In textiles we had to recreate and reinterpret a painting by Picasso. I chose this one called Boy With a Pipe which was completed in 1905. I'm not a huge Picasso fan, but I think this painting is BEAUTIFUL. For me, the painting represents 'good vs bad.'

I think the flowers are meant to be big angel wings, and the head wreath the halo. The young boy is innocent and angelic but he holds a pipe - his twisted expression suggests that he's maybe not as innocent as you'd think. Anyway, here are a few photographs taken by my lovely friend Philip

3 June 2012

Trunk of vintage clothes

Just a quick one - my Grandma discovered a huge trunk from her mother's days in the Navy, and inside it's full of dresses and shoes from the 1930s...and i'm getting them! I really look like that side of the family, and hopefully I shall have a similar figure to her so all the dresses will fit me. I'm getting it at the end of June, and I just can't wait to have a look through!

19 May 2012

may wishlist

all clothes from Rokit / creepers from eBay

The black maxi dress is £45, I feel this is a good price and a timeless piece of clothing. It's quite formal, but could be dressed down and appropriate for more informal situations with tousled hair, old boots and black tights (and a kind of nonchalant attitude) I adore it, it's so me! I would try and wear it to college, or possible save it for a meal or party.

This sunflower and cat jacket is so cool, I've never seen anything like it! It's £25 and you most definitely wont see anyone else in anything similar. I would wear it everywhere and anywhere, with an old plain t shirt or cream blouse and skinny jeans. I'm in love. It's kind of hideous in a fabulous way.

The tie dye dress is perfect for all year round - thick tights in the winter and bare legs in the summer. It's £25 which I think is quite expensive, considering tie dye is easy to do at home (perfect if you can find a cheap plain white dress.) When I was 10 or 11 i bought a dress similar to this at a jumble sale for 'dressing up' and years later found it, and cut into a vest. I LOVE TE DYE. But yes this dress is could inspiration for something that can be done at home.

I know that creepers are bit contrived, but I can't help but love them, especially leopard print ones. On eBay they range from £23.00 to £80.00+ depending on the brand. I would get the cheaper ones as this time next year I think places like New Look will be ripping them off and every Rihanna fan will own a pair...but for now I think they're pretty cool. (and they make you taller!)

Ah, this lace collar is such a simple way to update last years plain dress, and those awful 'flippy' skater dresses places like Topshop have been churning out. They make an otherwise boring outfit cute and if it's a vintage collar, chances are that no one you know will have an identical one. Adorable. This one, though beautiful is expensive at £20. I've seen cheaper on eBay and I might look into making a DIY lace collar tutorial.

This Lake Tahoe sweater is just so EFFORTLESSLY cool. If i could, i would wear one of these with a pair of skinnies everyday. At £18 i think it's an alright price, it's just so casual but still a bit different to those plain coloured zip up hoodies every girl at my college town seems to own...

Red Riding Hood is a fab woman, and I would pretend to be her whilst wearing this burgundy capelet. It's particularly good because you can still easily carry a bag which is quite difficult in a full length cape (mine's a nightmare.)  At £30 it's expensive, but the condition is excellent and it isn't subjective to change in fashions. I'm not sure how i would wear it, i can imagine it with the black maxi dress above though! Amazing. 

4 April 2012

DIY Mermaid hair

My friend Harriet and I spent yesterday 'mermaiding' our hair. I might get round to making my own tutorial video, but in the mean time here is a good video that is pretty good at explaining the 4-strand plait/braid.

When we were in London Harriet and I went to Pepi's, a hairdressers in Camden (it's incredible there) and got our hair dreadlocked and braided with synthetic hair. We loved it so much that the next day we decided to buy colourful synthetic hair and found a small shop in Brixton that sold hundreds of colours for only £1 each! We bought a couple and decided to have a go at it ourselves. So yesterday we had a go at 4-strand braiding with the synthetic hair, how cute is it?

Sassy Harriet

Only a pound each!


The finished product...

3 April 2012

Shed raid

I was having a look in the shed (no particular reason it's just how I roll) and I found this lovely old suitcase!
I've moved house a lot and I have no idea how these lasted so long without me knowing they were there...

 It's full of old photographs and stuff but I shall put it in my room, my third suitcase. It's handy as my clothes have nowhere else to go and are spread across my floor..

I also found this HUGE old scrapbook from 1937

It's devoted to the Royal Family (more specifically the Coronation) it's so interesting, and in such good condition.

I recommend you all go into the shed, garage, attic or spare room and have a good look around as you may find something interesting...you don't know what you may find! 

10 March 2012

Self obsessed clothing confusion

Recently I've had a real style crisis, I am cringing even writing this. It sounds so indulgent but it's true. Do you remember all the short phases in your early teens? Skater chic? Sporty girl? Emo?! Ugh. Well I feel like at 17 I am way too old to still be going through the whole experimental style stage, but I still don't think I've found a style that truly reflects me, or that I feel completely comfortable in.

For example one day I would go to College in a batwing black top, black tights jeans and a velvet tight black blazer and a crucifix necklace. The next day however I could easily be in bright white trainers, leather look leggings and a bright blue Nike zip up and...gold hoops. Stranger still I could go to college in a vintage Laura Ashley tea dress and frilly socks. I covet brothel creepers at the same time as lusting after a bright blue fur lined puffa jacket.

So, my issue is that everyday I seem to dress like a different character. I want to find a consistent style! However I think my clothing is an extension of my rather overwhelming and chaotic mind, I have a trillion things going on and different personalities I want to represent if you know what I mean. Teenage life is so confusing.

24 February 2012

Tales of London

Hello everyone!
I thought I would share tales of my lovely three days in LDN last week. 

Valentine's evening I slept at Harriet's house, Amy was there too and we spent the evening arranging outfits and planning where to visit etc etc. We caught the coach at 8:15am on the Wednesday and got to Hammersmith at around 11:30am. We were so excited that spontaneous tears took place. Oh my goodness! We wasted no time and, after getting travel cards for three days (fail to prepare, prepare to fail) we went to Oxford street (after meeting my cousin for a Starbuckz.) The Topshop was overwhelming - we saw the live DJ and cupcake stand and we just had to leave, it was utterly crazy. After buying a Pineapple from Chinatown, going to a costume department and wandering round Covent Garden, we went out for a Chinese and made our way back to Brixton...home! I wore a black vintage chiffon dress, leather waistocat and boots with my wonderful 80s rainbow cardigan.

Day two was intense. After popping to the Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street, we spent the entire day in Camden, I've never seen so much vintage in my life! I didn't buy anything as it was overpriced but I saw so much inspirational stuff that I can easily recreate. I got a blue dreadlock put into my hair and we went on to Harrods. It was stunning! It was an entirely different world - a few plates for £12000? Crazy. We were so tired after a day of shopping so we went back to Brixton, had pizza and went to bed at like 10! I wore a three quarter length chiffon pink dress, leather waistcoat and the faithful black hat.

After a lie in and crumpets in bed we headed to London Bridge. We walked up the side of the Thames and had lunch at Southbank. We looked at the dungeons at London Bridge but we were too scared to go in! At Riverside Bookshop we ran into Stuart Hammond. He went out with Florence Welch (of Florence + and the Machine) for years. He was buying a banana and was in a divine suit! I said hello but he looked pretty scared. Lovely jumper though. In the afternoon we went back to Camden, hung out at a Shisha bar and got henna on our hands. We got the coach back at 9pm. It was a beautiful few days and has made me even more determined to live in London after A levels. So exciting! I wore a black maxi dress, a black vintage cape and my hat. (See pictures below)

30 January 2012

in case you're wondering what i look like...

My lovelyyyyy friend Gemma took these and developed them for me!

Yes, even MORE clothes.

£42 from Topshop.
I have worn this pretty much everyday since I got it last Sunday haha!

£12 reduced from £22
So much love for this man...and this t-shirt. 

In case your wondering, the pink dress underneath was £10 reduced from £40 from River Island
Possible outfit idea. Finished with a hat and boots. Perfect! 

21 January 2012

birthday meal!

Last night we all went to Prezzo for my early birthday meal (it's on Sunday)

I had such a lovely evening, I'm finally 17! 

couldn't resist putting this one on haha

I mentioned this dress a few posts ago. Harriet got it for me two weeks ago and I now have it! So excited. She wrapped it beautifully and I put it on straight away. THANKS HARRIET

15 January 2012

pre raphaelite style photographs

My sister asked me to be her Pre-Raphaelite muse for an art project, here's a picture. 

Hello 1860s face! (well mostly just the aquiline nose) I think I was born in the wrong time to be honest.
My friend once said "if you had born 150 years ago, you would've been so hot! Now you just look a bit weird." Fair enough! I would rather have an odd but interesting face rather then a generic pretty one. 

12 January 2012

a lovely day with harriet!

Today was another free day so Harriet came over and we explored the place I live. I moved here like three months ago and eventually today got round to having a walk! Here are some pictures of my day...

Discovered this grotty bridge and struck a pose. I dyed my hair this morning so it's a lovely orangey auburn. 

Pretty pleased with how my room is turning out!

the DIY record wall

1) go to local charity shop
2) buy any vinyl you like, they'll be less then a £1
3) attach to wall with hammer and nails...DONE.

11 January 2012

So Alison has given me the Kreativ Blogger Award. Thanks so much! think I'm getting the hang of it now...

Here's what you have to do:

1. Link back to the person that gave you this award
2. Answer the questions below
3. Award other bloggers and let them know

4. Share 7 random facts about yourself

1.Name your favourite song.

At the moment it's Army Dreamers by Kate Bush or On Call by Kings of Leon
2. Name your favourite dessert.
 Ben & Jerrys Ice cream

3. What ticks you off?
Judgmental people and Antique Hands.

4. When I'm upset I...
 go absolutely manic and crazy haha

5. Favourite Pet...
My lovely cat; Sugar (after Marilyn Monroe in Some Like it Hot)

6. Black or White?
Black black black black

7. Biggest fear...
 House fire, becoming ill, death of loved ones etc etc

8. Everyday attitude?
Just go with the flow, and eat chips

9. What is perfection?
Loving your life, and having dependence on the right things

10. Guilty pleasure.
Sherlock Holmes

7 random facts...
I am obsessed with Sherlock Holmes 

I live for finding cheap second hand stuff
I often sit at night at my desk reading books by candle light (so therapeutic)
I've never eaten meat
I hate fruit and vegetables (pot noodles!)
I want to name my children after 16th Century scientists and saints (pretentious? perhaps) 
I have so many clothes they don't actually fit in my bedroom

Beautiful Bloggers!
(in no particular order)

"Antique Hands"

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week are devoted to 'study leave' at my College. Basically this means lessons aren't on but you're free to use the library or whatever for revision as there are lots of exams at the moment. No exams until Monday for me!

So today me and my friend Gemma went exploring and found this grotty warehouse full of boxes of the most bizarre things. One box was full of half full nail strengtheners, another was full of canvases with horses on them...anyway I managed to find (it was so dirty ugh) a beautiful map of the Thames and and wooden box that originally was full of Cuban cigars. Here's some pictures - 

Beautiful wooden box, only £1! Smelt musty though so I aired it on the way home

This AMAZING map of the Thames came in two halves so I just folded it together and nailed it to my wall. It fits so wonderfully, I'm so happy with it as I was getting worried as to what I should put there. Only £2, I'm in love. 

Antique Hands is a phrase I use to illustrate how I feel after rooting about in loads of boxes in a second hand/vintage/antique market - you know when you're hands feel of dirty and dusty? Yep.