12 January 2012

a lovely day with harriet!

Today was another free day so Harriet came over and we explored the place I live. I moved here like three months ago and eventually today got round to having a walk! Here are some pictures of my day...

Discovered this grotty bridge and struck a pose. I dyed my hair this morning so it's a lovely orangey auburn. 

Pretty pleased with how my room is turning out!


  1. Oh my god.
    You live in such a cool area, and your room is lovely.
    I wish I had a big room, mine is like, the same size as from your window to your chair.


  2. Your hair looks gorgeous! And I love that bridge, grotty as it may be (; ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  3. Aww I just moved to a new place in October and still haven't got round to doing enough exploring yet! love the hair! x

  4. pretty pictures, your hair is lovely! x


  5. These pictures are adorable! I love your hair colour, i remember when i was a wee teen i had bright red hair just like yours :D it definetly didnt look as good though hehe!

    Your room is so cute O_O I love that little footstool <3 xx