11 January 2012

"Antique Hands"

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week are devoted to 'study leave' at my College. Basically this means lessons aren't on but you're free to use the library or whatever for revision as there are lots of exams at the moment. No exams until Monday for me!

So today me and my friend Gemma went exploring and found this grotty warehouse full of boxes of the most bizarre things. One box was full of half full nail strengtheners, another was full of canvases with horses on them...anyway I managed to find (it was so dirty ugh) a beautiful map of the Thames and and wooden box that originally was full of Cuban cigars. Here's some pictures - 

Beautiful wooden box, only £1! Smelt musty though so I aired it on the way home

This AMAZING map of the Thames came in two halves so I just folded it together and nailed it to my wall. It fits so wonderfully, I'm so happy with it as I was getting worried as to what I should put there. Only £2, I'm in love. 

Antique Hands is a phrase I use to illustrate how I feel after rooting about in loads of boxes in a second hand/vintage/antique market - you know when you're hands feel of dirty and dusty? Yep.


  1. That map is so beautiful!

    Ciara x

  2. Love the box! I hate that some things are dirty in antique shops sometimes, though obviously it's because they're beautifully vintage and old!

    Pip x