30 January 2012

in case you're wondering what i look like...

My lovelyyyyy friend Gemma took these and developed them for me!

Yes, even MORE clothes.

£42 from Topshop.
I have worn this pretty much everyday since I got it last Sunday haha!

£12 reduced from £22
So much love for this man...and this t-shirt. 

In case your wondering, the pink dress underneath was £10 reduced from £40 from River Island
Possible outfit idea. Finished with a hat and boots. Perfect! 

21 January 2012

birthday meal!

Last night we all went to Prezzo for my early birthday meal (it's on Sunday)

I had such a lovely evening, I'm finally 17! 

couldn't resist putting this one on haha

I mentioned this dress a few posts ago. Harriet got it for me two weeks ago and I now have it! So excited. She wrapped it beautifully and I put it on straight away. THANKS HARRIET

15 January 2012

pre raphaelite style photographs

My sister asked me to be her Pre-Raphaelite muse for an art project, here's a picture. 

Hello 1860s face! (well mostly just the aquiline nose) I think I was born in the wrong time to be honest.
My friend once said "if you had born 150 years ago, you would've been so hot! Now you just look a bit weird." Fair enough! I would rather have an odd but interesting face rather then a generic pretty one. 

12 January 2012

a lovely day with harriet!

Today was another free day so Harriet came over and we explored the place I live. I moved here like three months ago and eventually today got round to having a walk! Here are some pictures of my day...

Discovered this grotty bridge and struck a pose. I dyed my hair this morning so it's a lovely orangey auburn. 

Pretty pleased with how my room is turning out!

the DIY record wall

1) go to local charity shop
2) buy any vinyl you like, they'll be less then a £1
3) attach to wall with hammer and nails...DONE.

11 January 2012

So Alison has given me the Kreativ Blogger Award. Thanks so much! think I'm getting the hang of it now...

Here's what you have to do:

1. Link back to the person that gave you this award
2. Answer the questions below
3. Award other bloggers and let them know

4. Share 7 random facts about yourself

1.Name your favourite song.

At the moment it's Army Dreamers by Kate Bush or On Call by Kings of Leon
2. Name your favourite dessert.
 Ben & Jerrys Ice cream

3. What ticks you off?
Judgmental people and Antique Hands.

4. When I'm upset I...
 go absolutely manic and crazy haha

5. Favourite Pet...
My lovely cat; Sugar (after Marilyn Monroe in Some Like it Hot)

6. Black or White?
Black black black black

7. Biggest fear...
 House fire, becoming ill, death of loved ones etc etc

8. Everyday attitude?
Just go with the flow, and eat chips

9. What is perfection?
Loving your life, and having dependence on the right things

10. Guilty pleasure.
Sherlock Holmes

7 random facts...
I am obsessed with Sherlock Holmes 

I live for finding cheap second hand stuff
I often sit at night at my desk reading books by candle light (so therapeutic)
I've never eaten meat
I hate fruit and vegetables (pot noodles!)
I want to name my children after 16th Century scientists and saints (pretentious? perhaps) 
I have so many clothes they don't actually fit in my bedroom

Beautiful Bloggers!
(in no particular order)

"Antique Hands"

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week are devoted to 'study leave' at my College. Basically this means lessons aren't on but you're free to use the library or whatever for revision as there are lots of exams at the moment. No exams until Monday for me!

So today me and my friend Gemma went exploring and found this grotty warehouse full of boxes of the most bizarre things. One box was full of half full nail strengtheners, another was full of canvases with horses on them...anyway I managed to find (it was so dirty ugh) a beautiful map of the Thames and and wooden box that originally was full of Cuban cigars. Here's some pictures - 

Beautiful wooden box, only £1! Smelt musty though so I aired it on the way home

This AMAZING map of the Thames came in two halves so I just folded it together and nailed it to my wall. It fits so wonderfully, I'm so happy with it as I was getting worried as to what I should put there. Only £2, I'm in love. 

Antique Hands is a phrase I use to illustrate how I feel after rooting about in loads of boxes in a second hand/vintage/antique market - you know when you're hands feel of dirty and dusty? Yep.

9 January 2012

beautiful vintage market uncovered

A friend called Harriet took me to an AMAZING vintage market that is literally 4 minutes from my college. I took a few pictures, they're not amazing quality but I was overwhelmed and very nearly tearful at the place (I'm sure you understand) Harriet bought me a sheer black 1920s style long top/dress that is perfect. It was £15 and so worth it. She won't let me have it until my birthday (jan 22) but when I finally have it i'll show you all!

8 January 2012

not-going-anywhere-weekend outfits

I thought I should share with you what I wore this weekend. I was meant to be revising but let's be honest here - my weekend revolved around watching the Sherlock films and TV series, and reading the books!

1990's dress
this dress cost me 99p from eBay and I adore it. It was a bizarre uflattering mid-length at first but I just cut a couple of inches off and I need to hem it but it's such an improvement!

I usually wear it with a thin tan belt, black tights and chelsea boots, black ankle boots or suede wedges. Lovely! Will be perfect for all seasons, with a Barbour or parka jacket in the cold and bare legs and gladiator sandals in the warm.

jumper - New Look
skirt -vintage
This is my new jumper I posted about a few days ago, with a black wool skirt from a vintage market (£15) The suede shoes are from Peacocks and were around £14 in the sale. This outfit is a good weekend one, and the wedges are just the right height to look casual. 

2 January 2012

for some reason it won't let me see all my lovely new followers.
just want to say a big thank you!
im feeling ill at the moment and start college again tomorrow but i shall try my hardest to blog