8 January 2012

not-going-anywhere-weekend outfits

I thought I should share with you what I wore this weekend. I was meant to be revising but let's be honest here - my weekend revolved around watching the Sherlock films and TV series, and reading the books!

1990's dress
this dress cost me 99p from eBay and I adore it. It was a bizarre uflattering mid-length at first but I just cut a couple of inches off and I need to hem it but it's such an improvement!

I usually wear it with a thin tan belt, black tights and chelsea boots, black ankle boots or suede wedges. Lovely! Will be perfect for all seasons, with a Barbour or parka jacket in the cold and bare legs and gladiator sandals in the warm.

jumper - New Look
skirt -vintage
This is my new jumper I posted about a few days ago, with a black wool skirt from a vintage market (£15) The suede shoes are from Peacocks and were around £14 in the sale. This outfit is a good weekend one, and the wedges are just the right height to look casual. 


  1. 0.99p what a bargain that dress is lovely.

  2. Love the outfit! Great style Thanks for following following you now!

  3. Love your blog, with lots of amazing vintage clothes

  4. Love these clothes so much, that dress is so beautiful!

    Pip x

  5. LOVE that dress! In fact, dresses from the 90s are my favorite. Trust me, I have TONS. It's an obsession.

    found the route