10 March 2012

Self obsessed clothing confusion

Recently I've had a real style crisis, I am cringing even writing this. It sounds so indulgent but it's true. Do you remember all the short phases in your early teens? Skater chic? Sporty girl? Emo?! Ugh. Well I feel like at 17 I am way too old to still be going through the whole experimental style stage, but I still don't think I've found a style that truly reflects me, or that I feel completely comfortable in.

For example one day I would go to College in a batwing black top, black tights jeans and a velvet tight black blazer and a crucifix necklace. The next day however I could easily be in bright white trainers, leather look leggings and a bright blue Nike zip up and...gold hoops. Stranger still I could go to college in a vintage Laura Ashley tea dress and frilly socks. I covet brothel creepers at the same time as lusting after a bright blue fur lined puffa jacket.

So, my issue is that everyday I seem to dress like a different character. I want to find a consistent style! However I think my clothing is an extension of my rather overwhelming and chaotic mind, I have a trillion things going on and different personalities I want to represent if you know what I mean. Teenage life is so confusing.


  1. OMG this you are just like me!! Somedays I want to wear really girly dresses and look like I['m going to a tea party, but then on others I want to wear my leather jacket with my cross earrings!!!

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  2. I'm exactly the same :') You're right, I guess it's just a part of working out what we like! I remember a couple of years ago, I had this *awful* phase where I was trying to be all half-emo, which really suits some people but completely didn't for me. Sometimes I'll be in black skinnies and a T-shirt with boots and my leather jacket; sometimes brightly coloured dresses and 6-inch heels. I think it's best like that - makes it more interesting ;D ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  3. I'm the same too! I think its really great to have different sides to your fashion personality! What's good is to single out a few things that you think make you YOU. Like for me, I nearly always have winged black eyeliner, loads of bracelets and small earrings, so no matter what style I'm going with, there's a few things that are my signature!

    Drea xo


  4. Haha this is exactly me too :) i think it's good that we van change your styles up,
    From the pictures on your blog I really admire your style :) it's very brave and strong, id be way too shy to wear it but I think it's gorgeous on you.

    Shannen Xx

  5. I know what you mean. Personally I don't like to stick to only one style. Usually I like to go with the 50s/60s look with crinoline. But I also love 40s hair and 30s and 60s and 80s. I also love modern stuff too. I don't think you have to trap yourself in a particular era/genre/style. If I like something I'll wear it, I can be in the 30s one day and 2012 the next, and that's the way it should be! SOrry for the babble.


  6. I always think this about myself too! However, my problem is that i am constantly faced with mis-matching items that just don't work in the same outfit ahaha. I do think that it's a good thing not being conformed to one particular style though...plus your wardrobe looks a lot more vibrant! :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  7. couldnt have said this better myself! xo

  8. I know exactly what you mean, and I am 22 going on 23!

    Sometimes I team high tops with a grunge leather jacket, the next day it's a frilly dress and heels.

    Love your blog, I am following, follow back if you like!



  9. Ohh mann dont worry! At 17 all i wore was grunge and had a pixie cut >_< I thought it was oh so cool! (it definetly wasnt and i probably looked like i needed a bath most of the time) I think once i got older and more comfortable in my own skin I've found my 'style' (or lack of it) has settled also :D (i thankfully now have long boobie length hair and have a wardrobe full of pretty average clothes) I still have major clothes freakouts though heh, most of my morning is spent in front of my wardrobe trying to find clothes to wear to work O_o!

    Don't worry about this kind of stuff- just be thankful you have the confidence to wear what you want and feel comfortable in it <3 <3 <3 xxxxx

  10. Im 23 this week and part of my style is pretty girlie dresses and the other denim shorts, band tees and creepers. I think i have style schizophrenia x