24 February 2012

Tales of London

Hello everyone!
I thought I would share tales of my lovely three days in LDN last week. 

Valentine's evening I slept at Harriet's house, Amy was there too and we spent the evening arranging outfits and planning where to visit etc etc. We caught the coach at 8:15am on the Wednesday and got to Hammersmith at around 11:30am. We were so excited that spontaneous tears took place. Oh my goodness! We wasted no time and, after getting travel cards for three days (fail to prepare, prepare to fail) we went to Oxford street (after meeting my cousin for a Starbuckz.) The Topshop was overwhelming - we saw the live DJ and cupcake stand and we just had to leave, it was utterly crazy. After buying a Pineapple from Chinatown, going to a costume department and wandering round Covent Garden, we went out for a Chinese and made our way back to Brixton...home! I wore a black vintage chiffon dress, leather waistocat and boots with my wonderful 80s rainbow cardigan.

Day two was intense. After popping to the Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street, we spent the entire day in Camden, I've never seen so much vintage in my life! I didn't buy anything as it was overpriced but I saw so much inspirational stuff that I can easily recreate. I got a blue dreadlock put into my hair and we went on to Harrods. It was stunning! It was an entirely different world - a few plates for £12000? Crazy. We were so tired after a day of shopping so we went back to Brixton, had pizza and went to bed at like 10! I wore a three quarter length chiffon pink dress, leather waistcoat and the faithful black hat.

After a lie in and crumpets in bed we headed to London Bridge. We walked up the side of the Thames and had lunch at Southbank. We looked at the dungeons at London Bridge but we were too scared to go in! At Riverside Bookshop we ran into Stuart Hammond. He went out with Florence Welch (of Florence + and the Machine) for years. He was buying a banana and was in a divine suit! I said hello but he looked pretty scared. Lovely jumper though. In the afternoon we went back to Camden, hung out at a Shisha bar and got henna on our hands. We got the coach back at 9pm. It was a beautiful few days and has made me even more determined to live in London after A levels. So exciting! I wore a black maxi dress, a black vintage cape and my hat. (See pictures below)


  1. Oh good grief, that sounds amazing and you look gorgeous as well! I *so so so* want to go to London again :) ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  2. Hi! Just found your blog via "daisychaindream" - I love it and your style is great! I can't wait to go to London again and hit up the vintage shops :-)xx