19 May 2012

may wishlist

all clothes from Rokit / creepers from eBay

The black maxi dress is £45, I feel this is a good price and a timeless piece of clothing. It's quite formal, but could be dressed down and appropriate for more informal situations with tousled hair, old boots and black tights (and a kind of nonchalant attitude) I adore it, it's so me! I would try and wear it to college, or possible save it for a meal or party.

This sunflower and cat jacket is so cool, I've never seen anything like it! It's £25 and you most definitely wont see anyone else in anything similar. I would wear it everywhere and anywhere, with an old plain t shirt or cream blouse and skinny jeans. I'm in love. It's kind of hideous in a fabulous way.

The tie dye dress is perfect for all year round - thick tights in the winter and bare legs in the summer. It's £25 which I think is quite expensive, considering tie dye is easy to do at home (perfect if you can find a cheap plain white dress.) When I was 10 or 11 i bought a dress similar to this at a jumble sale for 'dressing up' and years later found it, and cut into a vest. I LOVE TE DYE. But yes this dress is could inspiration for something that can be done at home.

I know that creepers are bit contrived, but I can't help but love them, especially leopard print ones. On eBay they range from £23.00 to £80.00+ depending on the brand. I would get the cheaper ones as this time next year I think places like New Look will be ripping them off and every Rihanna fan will own a pair...but for now I think they're pretty cool. (and they make you taller!)

Ah, this lace collar is such a simple way to update last years plain dress, and those awful 'flippy' skater dresses places like Topshop have been churning out. They make an otherwise boring outfit cute and if it's a vintage collar, chances are that no one you know will have an identical one. Adorable. This one, though beautiful is expensive at £20. I've seen cheaper on eBay and I might look into making a DIY lace collar tutorial.

This Lake Tahoe sweater is just so EFFORTLESSLY cool. If i could, i would wear one of these with a pair of skinnies everyday. At £18 i think it's an alright price, it's just so casual but still a bit different to those plain coloured zip up hoodies every girl at my college town seems to own...

Red Riding Hood is a fab woman, and I would pretend to be her whilst wearing this burgundy capelet. It's particularly good because you can still easily carry a bag which is quite difficult in a full length cape (mine's a nightmare.)  At £30 it's expensive, but the condition is excellent and it isn't subjective to change in fashions. I'm not sure how i would wear it, i can imagine it with the black maxi dress above though! Amazing. 


  1. I love how schizophrenic this wish list is, and that is not sarcasm at all. I was reading one of your earlier posts about defining your style amidst dressing up as a different character every day...and that's actually what I try to do! I know what my style tendencies are, but usually I feel just as chaotic; however, that's what I love about fashion.
    Anyways, sorry for the long comment ;). Thanks so much for commenting and following!
    Triple Thread

  2. I love this collection of items, especially the sunflower jacket - want it!

    Glad to have found your blog, following you now :)

    Please check out mine if you can, would love to hear what you think!



    Bianca xx

  3. amazing pieces!love the shoes!
    follow you!if you want check out my blog!

  4. I've been after a pair of creepers for so so long; those leopard print ones are lush! Oh, love all your picks!

    I'm currently running a giveaway to win a hamsa hand necklace, if you want to check it out! :)xo

  5. A little lace collar is certainty on my wishlist, as well! Nothing completes an outfit quite like a peter pan collar :)

  6. Aw what pretty things, I love the look of the lace collar. The creepers are cool too :) I'm loving your blog background too by the way! xx

  7. That jacket is so random but so good! Can't believe the price, Topshop would have you forking out double that xxx